Decanto Igt Rosso Veronese

Production Zone: in the heart of the Morenic hills, on the eastern side of Lake Garda.

Soil: hill soil of morenic origin with pebbles and sit deposited by glaciers during the Quaternary.

Grape bland: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara.

Wine production: ca. 100 q. per hectare.

Alchol: 13,5%

Colour: ruby red.

Bouquet: intense and enclosed fragrance of red fruit with hints of black cherry and plum.

Harvest: by hand with selection of grapes, light fading/ (withering) in the vineyard.

Production method: guyot vineyard.

Ageing: in durmast cask and then in steel.

Consumption and food combination: “All meal” wine, that prefers red meats and cheese with jams. To be served at 16-18 °C temperature.

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