Agricola Casetto - Vista aerea
Agricola Casetto - Grappolo

Since 1999

Casetto Farm was founded in 1999 on a holding next to the Lake of Garda in the middle area of Classic Bardolino.

The particularly mild climate, due to the lake nearby, allows the vine both to prolong the plant’s vegetative period and to profit by a perfect ripening, giving to these different vites fresh, young, fruity and harmonic notes.

The firm applies to a passionate market, which is also enterprising and searching for new flavours with evolving tastes and cuisine yet preserving the taste for good drinking.

A natural love of the householder for the best wine gave life to this new activity, with the birth of different wines appreciable for their body, freshness and harmony. The Bardolino Grappa and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil proudly complete the production of this firm.

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